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Jemal Hinton
jemal hinton

Born in Brooklyn, New York. Raised in Prince George’s County MD., Where Sugar Ray Leonard grew up and got his start in boxing. This also where I started my career in boxing. I began training at the age of 0, weighing 65lbs. After winning Golden Gloves, Silver Gloves and other local, regional and national championships throughout my years as an amateur in the Bantamweight division, I fought in the professional arena for 11 months before winning the WBC Intercontinental Championship in the Super Bantamweight division over Robert Shannon as the contender. I defended the title 4 years before retiring as the Undefeated WBC Intercontinental Champion in the Super Bantamweight division with winning record of: 22-0-17 KO’s. I went on to further my knowledge in various martial arts. Tai Chi Chuan, Karate, Aikido and Boxing. I’ve developed a genuine interest in the overall health and strengthening of the human spirit, mind and body. Therefore having developed a greater appreciation for life and prosperity.